Parish Footpaths

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Footpath 1 
Starts on the corner of Orley Road at the covered lych gate to St.Andrews Church and proceeds due north through the churchyard passing to the west of the tower to join the road known as Paternoster Lane at the stile in the churchyard wall. Distance: 110 yds.

Footpath 2 
Starts at a stile (SX839671) south of Dornafield Cross on the road known as Dornafield Rd and proceeds across one field north eastwards to Moor Rd (SX840672). The path re-starts through a new stile almost on the opposite side of the road and continues north eastward then follows a picturesque path beside a wooded stream for a distance of 150 yds. It then skirts one large field following the hedge in a northerly then easterly direction to the A381 Newton Abbot/Totnes Road on the Parish boundary (SX845676). Distance: 1,000 yds.

Footpath 3 
Starts at a stile (SX847667) 370 yds south east of Park Hill Cross and proceeds eastwards across two fields to join the road in Dainton (SX850666). Distance: 420 yds.

Bridleway 4 
Starts 100yds east of Dainton Bridge (SX854666) and proceeds along an accommodation road skirting the west edge of Miltor Mator Common, turns uphill skirting the woods heading in an easterly direction. Then skirts Stoneycombe Quarry before turning sharply north then abruptly east down through the woods to join the road at Lower Bickley Mill (SX864667). Distance: 1,500 yds

Footpath 5 
Follows the route of the previous Bridleway 4 but continues straight on to a stile (SX857667) about 100 yds beyond the point where the bridleway turns uphill.  It then proceeds up through the woods in an easterly direction for 500 yds and across Miltor Mator Common, which affords one of the finest views of Ipplepen Village.  It then crosses Bridleway 4 into and across a field first heading south east then turning north east to meet Bridleway 4, which it follows again for a short distance before turning down through the woods to finally meet up with the end of Bridleway 4 at the county road (SX864667). Distance: 1,050 yds.

Footpath 6 
Begins opposite Park Cottages on A381 (the access from the road is dangerous as the stile is on a bend in the road with reduced visibility) and proceeds eastwards across a field over a stile where the field is fenced across the middle to join the county road 270 yds north east of Wrigwell Cross.  Distance: 250 yds.

Bridleway 7 
Begins at the end of the unclassified road which runs through Wrigwell where it crosses the railway by a bridge (SX846658) and proceeds south east along Wrigwell Lane crossing the unclassified county road (Tanyard Lane), where it gives a splendid view over the South Hams to Southern Dartmoor, finally joining the Ipplepen to Marldon county road 500 yds south of Windthorn Cross (SX855648). Distance: 1,700 yds.

Footpath 8 
Begins on the sharp bend in Clampitt Road 230 yds south west of Blackstone Cross and follows the hedge at the eastward boundary of a housing development in a southerly direction across one road to join the road 50 yds north of Biltor Cross. Distance: 360 yds.

Footpath 9 
Starts from the entrance to the Animals in Distress Centre (SX835657), on the county road north west from the A381 at Edgelands Cross, then crosses one field to join the county road just south east of Biltor Cross. Distance: 420 yds.

Bridleway 11 
This begins from the unclassified county road on the Parish and District boundary 170 yds south of Hardup Bridge, at the top of the rise (SX826646). It then proceeds east north east along the field and parish boundary to join the lane known as Raddons Lane leading on to Bow Farm on the A381 (SX834648). Distance: 800 yds.

Footpath 12 
From Barn Park Close to the main Newton Abbot/Totnes Road A381. Distance: 115 yds.

Footpath 13 
Spur from Footpath 8 from dog bin through to Luscombe Close.

Footpath 14 
Begins just outside the village limit sign on Orley Road and runs behind the stone wall before crossing the road to meet the roadside pavement.  Distance 160 yds.